I have been interested in photography since college days when a good friend set up a black and white dark room in his little house a block from the TCU campus in Fort Worth. But other pressing issues prevented me from pursuing this creative interest until the last 15 years or so.

I needed a creative outlet, so I tried my hand at writing fiction. A few short stories bubbled up, and I sent them out into the world. But with the digital revolution came a revival of my interest in photography. Certainly, one can document one's story with photographs, but hopefully there is some chance to see things a little differently, to do more with the lens than take vacation photos, to document one's story with art.

In an essay on creativity I was reading at my doctor's office (he too is a photographer), the author wrote something remarkable. A friend of hers said that if the artist fails to do her work, the work will never get done.

It is my desire that people will be pleased that I thought taking pictures was my work.